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Hi folks.......

Has anyone here evoked the spirit Furcas?..........Im aware that he is the only one who is Saturnian and a knight with a seal made of lead.........Im just getting a strong drawing towards him and am wondering what expiriences you folks might have had with him,and his temperment,and all that?.....thanks

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Hello Mason,

Great question! As a matter of fact, I just evoked Furcas during the last Waxing Lunar Cycle. He was incredible. Very majestic, and not at all as he is pictured in Collin de Plancy's "Dictionnaire Infernale".

Personally, I feel that the many of the spirits are incorrectly attributed. I'm currently working on this.

Btw, he inferred to me via the vision/auditory experience that he likes to be called, "Forcas". Anyway, I'll try to post an excerpt of the experience here. I had a very positive experience, and REALLY can feel that his effect on me, especially as regards to my ability to converse with authority and intelligence. It's a gift that is definitely appreciated -- especially lately, with some events which have been emotionally challenging.

I'll add more later!


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