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Greetings Goetia Magick Members,

My colleague,  Voxx is offering a new group of classes on the study and practice of real, Goetia Magick.

Here is the link for Goetia Magick Class and Syllabus for Intro to Goetia: The Art of Ev... 

Voxx is one of the world's most knowledgable and trusted instructors of the Magickal Arts. As an initiate of the O.T.O., G.'.D.'. and other magickal orders, Voxx has been performing the Art of Goetic Evocation for 25 years; learning the art of Evocation personally from such esteemed Magickal scholars as David P. Wilson (S. Jason Black), amongst others. When you study with Voxx, you are assured to receive the highest level of quality classes, as taught by the woman who is considered The World's Most Accurate Psychic.

Click this link to sign up for this, or any other of Voxx's classes  or you can e-mail her, and leave your contact information. Voxx teaches classes individually, in groups, in-person, by phone/Skype or via Internet. I do as well, but I'm working on many other projects at the moment.



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Greeting Goetia Magick Members,

Please join our our Goetia Magick Meetup for monthly group sessions and discussions -- which includes meeting in-person, depending on the season.


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