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I've been extremely busy lately, as you might have guessed by my absence on the board. These last several Eclipses have created a great deal of personal growth, transformation and movement, not all of which have been pleasant to experience, but no doubt necessary.

I might also add that my Goetia Workings from the months of July and August acted as catalysts for the changes I've been experiencing, although quite intense, and a bit uncomfortable, have proved to be vastly liberating and positive.

Two spirits, in particular, have wrought great turbulence into my life. One spirit, the King Beleth (who usually kicks ass in all the ways I most desire) seems to have run out of a bit of steam, as far as what I had requested; However, another King -- Balam, seems to have blown the lid off of everything. I had been avoiding conjuring him for some time, and now I know why.

As a result of these 2 workings, I got something I had accidentally requested ... HAPPINESS. For myself (as usual), and ... for others. A big mistake. Some of you may be wondering why I consider this a mistake. The truth of the matter is, most people are more satisfied being UNHAPPY, which requires no change in one's life, for the most part (as a general rule). Still, the biggest flaw in the ritual was asking for the happiness of other people, which no doubt nixed my own happiness. Merde happens.

In the future, I suggest you ask only for YOUR OWN happiness. Trust me on this. If you really want other people to be happy, you may as well join a traditional church where "peace on earth" is the aim. If you want to your own happiness to be the goal, well then MAKE SURE that's what you ask for.

In the meantime, I'm going back to the drawing board and try to reword any future demands of the spirits. Live and learn!


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