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Yesterday I was performing a very formal offering to Belial through Lucifer and experienced what I believe to be the Luciferian Light. I poured a shot of liqour in the chalice, set it ablaze and began my offering. Deep in meditation, the blue flames from the chalice spewed up very bright and swirling in nature. Then what I believed to be Lucifer, a claw mark slashed through the air (three fingers) about 1 to 2 feet long appeared and light shined through from behind it. As quickly as it appeared it was gone, but I definitley knew it happened and that Lucifer was in my presence. After experiencing this, I have now begun to understand more about the planar boundries between our world and the spirit world and how thin a line it really is between us. To see the Light showed a new respect for what the sprit world offers and how, with practice and proper magick, one can unfold the wonders of the other realm and actually try to understand what it all really means. It is definitley true that these spirits can make one bold and witty for the thoughts and ideas they send in our heads and that in turn is the key to the anwsers of the universe. On another note, being Luciferian in my eyes in not neglecting God and his angels. When working with the Goetia, the infernal spirits feel somewhat threatened by the presence of Angelic energy and in my experience are not as eager to answer your questions and charges. Through Azazel, they feel welcomed and more likely to visit in a calming, peaceful nature. Now when it comes to the other books of the Lemegeton, such as the Theurgian Book, this is where I see it is actually proper to deal with God and Angels for that is what this book is about. When it all comes down to it, certain spirits have certain places in the astral plane and knowing when to use which ones at which times proves vital in the results.

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